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Just posted a new L337 Kr3w movie! Was a lot of fun to do, though I apologize that it took me a long time to post (thanks for people like robbie and others for checking if I was still alive, haha). I ended up having to split it into two parts due to Flash desyncing the sound as the movie went on. From now on, I'll probably try to make my movies more condensed, perhaps leading to faster releases. Please let me know of any comments or criticisms you have on my art direction; I'm trying to improve it bit by bit and experiment with new things.

A different direction

2009-11-30 21:11:08 by FuturecopLGF

New flash called Microcosm is now up! A bit different from the usual stuff I do, but I hope it still has enough of the old action for everyone to be satisfied :)

At the risk of being spoilers, it was a ton of fun to do the "comic book" look for Microcosm. It's been something I've always wanted to do ever since I was a kid, and it was a great experiment with masking and other Flash techniques. A big inspiration came from the FLCL "manga scene," which is a great scene you should check out.

I'm still working on the L337 kR3w series, and I expect the first one, Josh, to be done by...probably January. Look forward to it!


2009-04-15 17:08:35 by FuturecopLGF

Finally, I'm back! Feels like ages since I had any time to do Flash, but I've been brimming with new ideas to do while being stuck with college junk. Trying to keep to a tighter schedule now, and hoping to bang out several flashes over the summer, so keep an eye out!

New flash called Ryu's Revenge is pretty much a teaser to introduce the new plot of my future flash submissions, being L337 Kr3w flashes (I might do some other flashes here and there). If anyone wants, feel free to vote on who's flash I should do first! Here's a list to help:
(Name - basic premise)
Lucas - DDR runnin' and gunnin'
Tim - clean, precise, multi-person swordery
Eric - over-the-top burning passion
Mike - knives, fists, and glares, oh my
Aaron - sparkles and hair swooshiness
Josh - pure randomness and luck
Adil - genius plans and bad puns
Berns - 24-style Hollywood action
In each flash, I hope to do a unique style and personality to differentiate them from each other, while
tying them together with a central storyline (instead of just beating up Ryu for who-knows-what-reason).

Also, feel free to comment on my latest art style approach. I've slowly been trying to enhance my drawings bit-by-bit while keeping them simple. Besides anatomy, I've tried to enhance the faces to be a bit more realistic so I can use a much wider array of facial expressions. It is a bit anime, but ah well :).

Hope you enjoy the new direction!


2008-05-19 00:30:54 by FuturecopLGF

Woot! Finally got the balls to submit my first flash! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Also, look for me in the Metal Gear Collab!