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Some of y'all are under arrest for flagrant color usage in a sketch collab! Haha, just kidding, I don't know the rules. Anyway, really cool entries from everyone: I especially love the really dynamic scenes with fighting and explosions: something about the sketchy nature of them really seems to add to the kinetic feeling!

You know, this collab started off way different than I expected: great goofy jokes, incredibly animated fight scenes, and not a whiff of piss or shit. I asked myself: has Newgrounds really changed that much since I watched the MGS or Street Fighter collab? And then I saw Peefa.

Something things never change.


It be like that sometimes

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Pretty mixed bag here, both in terms of games and feedback! I can certainly appreciate the hustle in creating so many mini games, but I'm more of a guy who prefers quality over quantity, and while some of these games were pretty nice, most of them were missing some crucial bits. For example, while I enjoyed the Madness Fruit Ninja game, I felt it was lacking that crucial slash feedback: the way the heads were chopped was not based on how you precisely slashed them, unfortunately. Having said that, I like the creativity in how many of the games have been minified, like how Friday Night Funkin became a simon says game instead of a rhythm game: I felt it worked very well. As another note, I wish the menu/HUD/interface was cleaned up a bit: the buttons and layout could be improved to look cleaner and more reactive with highlights, and there is a lot of color text and icons, like the title screen text, that gets swallowed up and becomes difficult to read because it's placed over a background of a similar color: it'd help if the text or icons were given outlines or some sort of bubble to have them stand out, mayhaps. It may not have blown my socks off, but again, I can appreciate the effort and heart for making so much for a nice cause and improving over time, so keep it up.

It's embarrassing for a man of my age, but I gotta say, this game gave me the giggles...for glory! I really enjoyed myself with this game as I've always had a fondness for point n click adventures with a lot of interactables and flavor text, and this game delivered that in droves. Heck, there's a tracker and achievements just to let you know if you interacted in all the many ways you can! Absolutely loved the amount of things you could do that would affect the ending in so many ways, and loved the little touches like how pulling your pants down slows your movement speed. Pretty much a point n click take on the text parser "Dont Shit Your Pants" game and while it shares a lot of the same DNA, I still had fun and wouldn't necessarily consider it a rip-off or anything like that. Cheers for the laughs!

Certainly quite the impressive undertaking to make an entire MMO, and while I can certainly appreciate that, it was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I only played it for a little bit, so perhaps I haven't done enough to get a good impression of it, but that was pretty much my main problem with it, that it doesn't really make a great first impression. While I enjoyed the old-school feeling of getting some gold, buying some basic equipment, and fighting some mobs outside town to level up, it didn't take too long for it to become stale. Everything is just a bit too old-school for me: gold and levels just come by so slowly and the combat is very basic, slow and with minimal abilities or exciting VFX to it. Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be a story or any sort of quest to guide or motivate me: I know one might say that the game is just about leveling up and wandering around to fight bigger monsters, but the combat just isn't fun enough nor the world interesting enough for that to be an incentive for me.

I haven't tried any group play yet, so I don't have anything to say about that, and perhaps that is my problem with not having much fun with the game. In that regard, however, maybe there could be something that could make it easier to group up? Instead of making people that get into fights vanish on the world map, maybe you could make a battle icon appear where they are, and if you click on it, you can jump in as a guest to help them, and maybe party afterwards? Again, would love to see some fresh new ideas to set this game apart from just being a straight old-school recreation in MMO form.

Again, this is definitely very ambitious and impressive despite my gripes, and I wish you the best of luck in adding to this game further and further. Perhaps I'll revisit later on!

RetroMMO responds:

Thanks for playing and providing such detailed feedback! Most of your requests are planned features.

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These dope beats are coming with me, tin can.

Thanks not only for the shoutout, but the very insightful information that this podcast provided! As much as I love Newgrounds, I have to admit I didn't know about all the trials and tribulations that it's been through, so it was an inspiring listen, and I got to learn about some more cool peeps (like you guys of course!). Sucks that I only learned about this show at its death, but I'm going to try and listen to all the others at work, and I look forward to the future podcast!

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I'm in this photo and I don't like it.

That's how the meme goes, right?

Still working at it, bit-by-bit.

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