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Entry #4

Rise from the Grave Once More

2010-10-16 00:31:02 by FuturecopLGF

Just posted a new L337 Kr3w movie! Was a lot of fun to do, though I apologize that it took me a long time to post (thanks for people like robbie and others for checking if I was still alive, haha). I ended up having to split it into two parts due to Flash desyncing the sound as the movie went on. From now on, I'll probably try to make my movies more condensed, perhaps leading to faster releases. Please let me know of any comments or criticisms you have on my art direction; I'm trying to improve it bit by bit and experiment with new things.


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2010-10-16 05:08:32

I just saw it and loved it and want to know what you meant at the end of the credits.


2010-10-16 09:26:34

hey, your animation (joshing around) was funny, i like then, alot, too epic and fbf is my fav animation style


2010-10-16 15:24:31

I hope you will get out faster yea with next part, loved Joshing around and No more Joshing around :D I hope that next is the "pair", adrian and the other guy :D Keep your good work on and you will soon have more fans then you can count!


2010-10-17 00:36:11

Really enjoyed both Parts 1 and II. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to what comes next.


2010-10-22 00:18:00

Not quite sure how I feel about this one compared to the others. I got a smirk or two out when needed but some jokes seemed a little forced on me. Animation for you still has a unique feel though the lip syncing still could use some improvement.
The length of it was nice after the break but all in all i'll still check up on your next one to see your progress and where you'll take this.


2010-11-01 10:13:02

I can't say any criticism... ur just too perfect X D btw can u make the fat guy vs ryu next?


2011-09-17 23:23:34

LUCAS!! I've been waiting for the next release of the Ryu series man!!


2013-10-22 23:37:39

Man, I wish I knew what happened to you.


2014-09-06 03:53:54

gone forever NEVER TO RETURN


2016-05-31 16:16:32

You still alive ??