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Best Games of November Review! (with video feedback)

Posted by FuturecopLGF - December 7th, 2022

Every month I see to review all of the games that were nominated as the Best of that month, which you can view in the link above!

As a game developer myself, I know how difficult it can be when you are starting out and how tricky it can be to tell how your game will be received by users. After all, you know how your game is meant to be played, and you can't just wipe that from your memory when you're building and testing it!

Therefore, I record myself playing all of the games for the first time for 10-15 minutes and try to voice how I'm feeling when I'm playing it, so that developers can see how a user might experience their game for the first time, especially for things like tutorials. I also try to provide some advice as well, but it might not always be the best: what I'm really hoping is that developers can draw their own conclusions on what might need work from how I stumble through their game.

Game Devs Reviewed: @rvh86 @taka @Lees-pic @MarcPostScript @FFuriousDuck @Yword @DOJIMADOG @NoaDev @Ferociter @Zfert @Pitigamedev @MELONKOI @Just-a-ng-dummy @VisioGameStudio @jonaspatrik @MrNannings @Cyranek @Kultisti @DaemonPlus @Emrox @SparseGameDev @KJScott @kaiakairos @Spagato @ninjamuffin99

While all of these games were the best of the month...


My Top 10 was (in sort-of ranked order and based on my own criteria which is some weird sense of 'memorability' for me personally and totally subject to genres I like and I don't feature an author twice even if they had two good entries so as to spread the love etc etc):

  • Unpublished Submission

And here are some Honorable Mentions (games that were close contenders for the top, additional games from an already highlighted dev this month, games that are still demos but promising, games that are clones of existing games but still good, etc):

Thanks to all the portal warriors that sifted through all the games to find the best in the bunch for me to check out in the first place! And as always, even if your game wasn't listed by me personally, hold your head high as I enjoyed playing all of them nonetheless as they are, after all, the best of the month!


One game I feel like might've slipped through the cracks this month was this little number, Aurora by @crow-seeds:

I can definitely see why it slipped through the cracks as it is some super-nerdy assembly-language niche programming stuff (and which might've been patched to be more intuitive by the time I got to it), but if you're into games like TIS-100 and other Zachtronics games like it, I definitely think you should check it out!

I even made a little video of me playing it over here if you're interested to see:



Hey man, I'm glad you didn't like the game. Well that sounds weird but you know what I mean. That game is very bad. The Jam overall was very fun tho for me and my whole team who worked on it which is all that counts right? I will assure you better stuff is on the way tho! Thanks for doing this every month homie, it means a lot to all of us being able to improve because of your criticism and I just really wanna thank you for that. So thank you! Have a great day bro

Cheers! And thanks for the good?-bad? game: you and your team did a bad, uh, I mean good job at making it authentically, uh, bad while others struggled and ended up making something a little too good (man this is confusing haha). Looking forward to whatever comes up in future!

u always a real mfer

Cheers! Heck of a unique idea for a game jam: it sure made judging for this month a very confusing yet very amusing affair for a change, so thanks for that! Your entry was so quirky I almost gave it higher, but I had to give it that 3 in the end, so congrats!

Thank you for taking the time to record our game! This is the video that really helped me see what elements are confusing players. The comments we received from players on the Newgrounds and the Ludum Dare pages definitely helped but seeing your reaction live provided feedback we couldn't access before. The tutorial was the last part we did before the Jam ended and we didn't get a chance to have anyone outside the team look it over. It was definitely a huge mistake given the complexity of our game.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it once you understood it! I'm hoping soon we can push an update that resolves some of these issues. The whole team is really excited to see this many people interacting with something we made!

Big ups,

Cheers, and I'm glad to hear that the intended aspect of the video is working! As you say, written reviews and comments, as helpful as they can be, can't always give full insight into issues as you can only see the result and not the process, and that's where seeing a live blind reaction comes in to help. Hopefully it wasn't too frustrating to see me bumble around the start and not even know how to target: as shameful as it to admit, I don't act up or anything, that was 100% genuine confusion, haha!

when i first NG i remember watching you review shiz !! gave me a real good sample of what the site is made of and i love how you continue to put in the effort and work to make these videos every month !!!

hopefully one day i will be able to put something of quality that you can play and critique !!!

Cheers for that! As much as the videos are for game devs primarily to view for feedback, I do hope that, as you say, the videos can serve as a little incentive for budding game devs like yourself to want to make games themselves and get recorded and critiqued! I was always afraid I might be too harsh in my critique to inspire people to want to get on, though, so I'm glad to hear it's working despite my worries! I will be waiting for your future entry!

Thanks for reviewing my game in your video! Always very interesting to see a new player learning to play your game.

Cheers, and glad to hear that the feedback is helpful! Despite Biome Conquest not being in my wheelhouse (sorry I'm such an action junkie) I really admired the well-polished and well-crafted feel the game had! Very much looking forward to seeing more games from you: here's hoping Sophie the Slug makes it through this month since it looks cute!

This is my first project here. You know, From 2010 until now I always played flash and HTML games. And now I'm literally posting a game on one of my favorite sites! This is amazing. It's not a perfect game and I accept all the good and bad reviews, but anyway, this is very nice. Thanks to everyone.

Cheers, and congratulations on your first game entry! Definitely a real solid start as I think, despite the simple graphics and slight difficulties with control (wall jumps are a very common issue to design right for users) you had a pretty fun obstacle course to go through: looking forward to seeing more from you!

Thank you for trying Shapes And Shots, I know the game currently still has a very problematic core loop but it will improve with time, I am already working on the boss system and new unique upgrades, also I feel it is very important to create a tutorial of 2/3 minutes to explain some things you tend not to notice

Cheers and best of luck on your continued development of it: it's a simple looking game, but I thought it was a great prototype that had some solid, juicy shooting and decent variety of enemies at its core. Looking forward to seeing it get built up!