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Best Games of March Review! (with Video Feedback)

Posted by FuturecopLGF - April 7th, 2020

Every month I see to review all of the games that were nominated as the Best of that month, which you can view in the link above!

As a game developer myself, I know how difficult it can be when you are starting out and how tricky it can be to tell how your game will be received by users. After all, you know how your game is meant to be played, and you can't just wipe that from your memory when you're building and testing it!

Therefore, I record myself playing all of the games for 15 minutes and try to voice how I'm feeling when I'm playing it, so that developers can see how a user might experience their game for the first time, especially for things like tutorials. I also try to provide some advice as well, but it might not always be the best: what I'm really hoping is that developers can draw their own conclusions on what might need work from how I stumble through their game.

Game devs reviewed: @Maprower @DagonDev @Jasonario @Benjamin-soule @im-a-good-boye @DrNeroCF @TeamRobostar @Spider53 @RatThing @itsnotsimon @mmattugh @Dungeonation @MD-Wade @adriendittrick @moorlandgames @kypello @Hiihdev @Rob1221 @amidos2006 @jronn @jamesanimations @Cloud-yo @nullBinary @BenBonkGames @zorantronics @GameDanTeam @AmrGamerX @IFTed @JoelLikesPigs @MrNannings @Krystman @beepyeah @Thoof @bigcheez21

While I do love all of the games (they are the best of the month, after all)...


My top 10 was (in no particular order and based on my own criteria which is nonsensical and changes constantly, heck it's even different from what I actually voted for there were so many damn good games):

The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4 part 1

Everything in this game is smooth like butter. When it's fun to just move around in a game by itself, you know you've got a winner. Brings me back to playing Mario 64 where jumping around in the courtyard was a blast.

Kill The Kingpin

Awesome adrenaline rush of a game! A cool fusion of Hotline Miami, Mr. Shifty and Red Faction. A little glitchy at times with walls and such, but that didn't stop me from blasting my way through it.


A compelling, mysterious story and satisfying exploration/combat gameplay makes this a metroid-like that you can really sink your teeth into.

There is nothing here.

I could've listed the whole assortment of games from adriendittrick this month, but I decided to go with this one which was my first exposure and a damn good one at that: it may look simple but this game has such good flow and direction to it to create a solid experience, greatly helped by the dynamic use of music.

Lure: The King's Gold

An innovative ammo system, a wacky story, and cool set pieces drive this game to great heights. Reminds me of playing Jackal: it's fun bringing down fortresses and impressive bosses in this game.

Jay's Walkin'

Excellent puzzler with a unique set of mechanics that both teaches them intuitively and escalates the action with great level design, all propelled with a goofy story and art design that tells the story of the greatest man alive!

Vestavia Hills

An excellent WIP game that combines the fast-paced fun of Hotline Miami with the arcade frenzy of a zombie horde mode for excellent fun! It's a little buggy but shows a lot of promise so far: looking forward to the final version of this!

JumFly Charlie

Feels great to get into a flow state with this game where you're dancing through the air, attacking to get your momentum going: almost like a vertical Sonic game (complete with the labyrinth levels for variety)

HP Atk Def

Another solid puzzler from Rob1221 that brings in RPG mechanics to make an interesting fusion which innovates on the usual roguelike formula!


I keep getting more and more impressed by the games released in PICO-8 nowadays, and this game is no slouch: impressive design that involves a lot of tactical decisions and a great amount of polish makes this one to look out for (too bad I suck at it though haha).



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Honored to have been here! Thank you!

Thanks a lot for playing my game 'till the end, and I'm so happy you were thinking about listing my whole assortment of games <3

Thanks a lot for playing my game

Thanks for feature our game, No Help No Hope.

Please, note that this game is a Visual Novel with a minigame at the end of the game.

The bug you got about the mouse pointer will be fixed in a future version.

Thank you.

Thanks for playing my game!!

Thank you for such a great video! It was really fun and entertaining :)