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Final Fharmacy is Out for Pixel Day!

Posted by FuturecopLGF - January 23rd, 2020

Got my new game finished just in time for Pixel Day 2020!

It was down to the wire and I'm still planning on making a few updates that I wasn't able to, such as hiscore tables. Technically it's not finished-finished, as it is just a vertical slice of the game that I plan to enhance and polish with a cool story among other things, so feedback is welcome to turn the final version into something great!

It's a small game, but it was a big step for me in a lot of ways:

*First time working in a completely new engine, Unity! So long, Flash, and thanks for all the fish. Can't believe how much easier it is to work in these new things: I kept catching myself doing things the hard way because I didn't expect there to be an easier way.

*First time keeping the design scope constrained to a reasonable level and finishing it quickly! It's no game jam game, but keeping it contained to a few months in a far cry from my decade-long project before. So long, feature creep: creep on me no longer!

*First time working with another person (apart from family)! I worked up the guts and reached out to Vincenti Zghra for some chiptune music and boy howdy did I get some! It was a pleasure to work with them and now I feel like it isn't so scary to work as a team with others!

I look forward to taking this newfound energy and making even greater games and working together with others! It'll be like a wonderful perpetual energy machine of happiness where everyone working together keeps building each other up until we explode like the brightest star in the sky! Ok, I think I'm high off release fumes.

And of course, I look forward to reviewing all these Pixel Day games in an upcoming video!



Comments (3)

Unity is great, right? I made the switch from Flash a number of years ago and it's like night and day. I totally get what you mean about "doing things the hard way, not realizing there's an easier way." Still though, I do have a great appreciation and love for Flash, with all its flaws.

I know I've said it already, but good job with the game. I'm looking to forward to seeing what more ya do with it!

Yeah, Flash was pretty cool in some ways (nice to be able to just draw assets and animate directly in the program) but Unity is great and I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces. Just gotta stop myself from coding too 'old-school' and embrace these ready-built solutions they have. Cheers and I'm looking forward to check your game out as well!

Oh, you took the Unity pill!
Gonna have to check it out soon.

Also, occasionally people with really old GPUs running Unity WebGL stuff in 3D are going to run into issues playing. If you're doing anything 3D, put a disclaimer that low end machines should use Firefox/ Edge/ Desktop for compatibility. That's something that annoyed me..

Nothing 3D for a while, I think, definitely because of what you are warning about! I doubt my code will be optimized enough to help those performance issues, haha! But maybe that's cause I think it would be too hard and it actually probably isn't with this whole modern design: it's a brave new world with Unity!

@Amni3D @FuturecopLGF It's not performance that's the issue, it's that DX9/10 GPUs on Chrome can't play 3D content (Google's fault, btw), so they'll see a black screen. And I don't think Google cares enough to fix it. So lightly pointing someone towards a desktop build or "use a different browser if stuff aint working" is probably a good idea if doing anything 3D WebGL.

To be fair, it'll probably only make up about 3% of people playing web games, but I think it's worth pointing out.