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Thanks for reviewing Castle Crashing the Beard!!!

No, no, rather thank you for making it! For a beat-em-up enthusiast like me, that game was like sweet manna from heaven! I'm still unlocking the rest of the trophies: going hitless is gonna be rough, but it should be doable!

thanks for checking out deeper devils glad you liked it! hopefully ill be able to address the jank in a post jam version down the line

Cheers for the game! It was definitely a bit too short for me, but hey, that's only proof positive that I really enjoyed the concept in the end, and I went back to try and go for no-death runs many a time. Definitely looking forward to a post-jam version!

Thanks for playing and including Don't Get The Job in your top 10! Great video!

Cheers, and thanks for the interesting insight into the game in your review response! The numbers being a bit off definitely explains why those two interviewers loved me despite my best efforts, haha. Ah well, as much as it confused me, it is kind of the purpose of the game to make it difficult to win, so I took it in stride and just wanted to get right back in there and win, and I did! (as a side note, boy is it confusing to talk about the game. for example, I wasn't sure in the previous sentence whether to say 'win' or 'lose' since winning is losing but in the end its a win but...you know, haha)


Thanks for checking out Bearsus!
Glad to see you enjoyed it. Beary appreciated

Cheers for that! I'm never quite sure if I should break my rule against putting alphas/demos in my top 10, but I was really considering it for Bearsus just based on the satisfying hits and animations. Bummer to hear that it's been a difficult development for Bearsus and it is entering hibernation: I definitely think this is a great example of an alpha and you should hold your heads high in the end!

It was great to see you play Occupied! I laughed so hard when you flipped off me / the camera after you figured out how to use the toilet paper like an adult :D Also, don't feel too bad about giggling at something so dumb, that's the whole point! I'm about the same age as you if it makes you feel any better ;) Also, I see you went back and got that flawless run - congrats!

It was tricky to find the deodorant and shades, but when I finally did, I felt like a champ! I dunno if I'll be able to find all interactions, but I feel quite satisfied: thanks for this game as it had been quite a while since I last had a giggle like that, haha. For glory!

@BoMToons @FuturecopLGF Awesome! I could tell you were really enjoying it in your vid. Made all of us on the dev team happy (I shared it with them as-well).

Hey, I'm the creator of Blue Square and the Mystery Cave. I really enjoyed your playthrough and I'm happy you liked it! Btw, my username is just my full name, Raul Moreno Tamayo. Not very catchy I know x)

Seeing you play it made me realize the mistakes in my design (like the balls blocking each other, some puzzles being a bit wonky...). Also, whenever you had to make a blind jump, you were supposed to throw a ball first to see if there are spikes - but clearly I didn't manage to teach this properly.

There isn't a second ending, but there are some secrets you didn't find. These require bouncing on the balls, which can be very tricky.

Thank you for your review!

Cheers! That sounds great and definitely the intention of my videos: to show the weird behavior that players can end up doing despite best intentions from the designer. I definitely had a lot of fun playing the game, and it's nice to know of the mystery of your name in addition to the mystery of the ending: I'll definitely go back and see if I can find some of those secrets as bouncing on the balls sounds interesting!

Thanks for checking out Rat Game, No that finals are done I'm gonna be working on a big update for it!

Expect more areas, items, unlocks and overall quality of life changes soon :)

Cheers! I've been trying to beat the game with the two remaining rats, but woof, I musta just had beginners luck because I've been getting my butt kicked compared to my first two runs in the video, haha! Looking forward to seeing it expanded on: it's a pretty cute game!

@YaenGames @FuturecopLGF Haha yeah that was kinda a common theme in the game jam for which we originally made this, Wowie Jam 3.0. The theme was "Failure is progress: Mess with the concept of winning and losing", glad to know we're still doing that :D

It's cool that you went back and messed up the interview enough to get a win in the end! GG! I feel like despite the tough difficulty, many people decide to give it more than one try.

Have a good one!

Thanks for playing our game dude.
I'm taking all your notes in consideration if we were to finish that game one day!

Cheers! While it definitely did have some rough edges to it that ruffled my feathers a bit, I just had to give it an honorable mention because I thought the mechanic was fun, and I do love me some cool boss fights, haha!


I'm fan #666 mwahahaha spooky