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Some of y'all are under arrest for flagrant color usage in a sketch collab! Haha, just kidding, I don't know the rules. Anyway, really cool entries from everyone: I especially love the really dynamic scenes with fighting and explosions: something about the sketchy nature of them really seems to add to the kinetic feeling!

You know, this collab started off way different than I expected: great goofy jokes, incredibly animated fight scenes, and not a whiff of piss or shit. I asked myself: has Newgrounds really changed that much since I watched the MGS or Street Fighter collab? And then I saw Peefa.

Something things never change.


It be like that sometimes

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This was a real odd duck for me. Initial impressions of the game were very strong: the presentation, UI, music and so on gave off a very professional, charming and polished feel, especially the very fancy title screen that zoomed around the 3d environment for every option you selected. It looked like so much effort was put into everything that made me really excited to see what the gameplay was like!

And then I played the game and I was like...was that it? I mean, it isn't bad or anything, the game is still alright, good even, and I liked the charming voice lines that came up and such, but it definitely was a bit underwhelming and short-lived. I was expecting some sort of level-based game like Cook Serve Delicious or Cooking Mama or something with a bunch of content and mechanics, but what I got was just a single score attack level for a very basic rhythm(?) game.

And to be fair, I would've been fine with that single level, except it doesn't have anything really exciting or compelling about it: where are the streak counters, the point multipliers, the satisfying sounds and explosions that increase in intensity as you rack up a big combo? What is the significance of the different foods that pop-up, as well as the different tiles? Where's the story or the multiple victory screens displaying the food we've cooked for our family, where it looks better based on how high our score was? What happens when I mess up: is there a combo point multiplier that I lose or is it just a time delay until I can continue? I got so confused at times where I felt like I did so much better than before, only to get a way worse score: perhaps this game does have some complex score mechanics, but it didn't do anything to communicate those.

Pardon the pun, but at the moment this felt a bit underbaked, or like a good-looking apple that's hollow inside: it felt like all the effort went into making everything surrounding the game look good, but nothing was done except the bare minimum to the game itself. I would love to see an updated version of this though since it seems liked you've got a good team going and this has a lot of potential that I'd hate to see go to waste!

ShycoticBunni responds:

Thank you for your very in depth comment! You brought up some very solid points here, and I vibe the most with your comments about the differing food tiles and the addition of extra juiciness via tile streaks and point multipliers! I'm gonna snap this comment up and present it with the team and see how they feel about this as well. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed Cooking Daddy nonetheless and thank you for your feedback, dude!

Call me a philistine or a monkey or whatever, but for the most part, this game didn't hit with me. Just felt like some pretentious wankery. It was a bummer, because I felt like the minimalist mechanics were pretty cool, especially with two (maybe three, I forget) later levels where you really gotta puzzle some stuff out by moving the camera and hitting all sorts of hidden panels. But those levels were few and far between the vast number of blah levels where you just crumble some structures and let the chips fall where they may to fill out some survey inbetween a bunch of inspirational quotes taken from instagram. I'm sorry I'm being so rude, it really isn't that bad or anything: I feel like the only reason I'm negative was because it felt like there were some really cool potential here that I really wanted to see expanded upon, but it never got off the ground and was just disguised with all the other fluff to puff it up and make a shallow game seem more impressive than it was. I am definitely a monkey who prefers his shoot-shoot bang-bang games though, so perhaps I'm just not the target audience.

Not really so much a game, but it is a funny little translator application that's good for a few laughs. One thing I noticed is that it was a bit inconsistent with its translations at times. While it was very impressive with converting phrases like 'portal' into 'pr0tal' and 'to' into '2' as you type it, I wasn't quite sure how it should handle 'too' and 'tomorrow' and such: in the case of 'too' it greedily converts it to '2' as well, and 'tomorrow' is translated as 't0m0rr0w' but I'm not sure if that should be different ('2m0rr0w'?) Wonder if it would be safer to have it only translate once you type in the entire phrase instead of trying to translate as you go since there could be further issues, but I understand why you made it the way you did because it does look quite cool to see it go as you type.

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These dope beats are coming with me, tin can.

Thanks not only for the shoutout, but the very insightful information that this podcast provided! As much as I love Newgrounds, I have to admit I didn't know about all the trials and tribulations that it's been through, so it was an inspiring listen, and I got to learn about some more cool peeps (like you guys of course!). Sucks that I only learned about this show at its death, but I'm going to try and listen to all the others at work, and I look forward to the future podcast!

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I'm in this photo and I don't like it.

That's how the meme goes, right?

Still working at it, bit-by-bit.

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